We want you to be as comfortable as possible before, during, and after your braces. We use braces with a door to hold the wire instead of a rubber band. This lets us use the gentlest wires and elastics to guide your teeth into position. We want to time your treatment so that you don’t have to wear braces any longer than you have to.

When you get your braces on, we’ll show the ways to make yourself comfortable with the braces. And we’ll be adding more videos here for more details to keep this information easy to find.

This part of our website is devoted to helping you maximize your comfort. We’ll be talking about your braces and what you can do to make yourself comfortable as the ways we work to maximize your comfort. And we’ll be talking about other tooth and jaw related issues that are not part of your orthodontic treatment. But if they are issues that ever do come up for you, we want you to be informed, for your comfort!”