I Have Bleeding Gums – Now What?

Any time your gums bleed, it’s a sign telling you to brush more – never less!

When your gums bleed, it means they’re not healthy.

Plaque is the bacteria feeding off the food you eat. Brushing your teeth removes that food and bacteria – the plaque. It’s the only way to have healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile. You need to get in by the gum line, especially if you have braces.

If you’re missing by the gum line your gums will bleed. You might say to yourself – “oh no – I’m brushing too much or too hard – I should let this heal – so I shouldn’t brush there.”

No! It’s the opposite of that. If you don’t brush by the gum line, the plaque will stay in place and your gums will get puffier and bleed more. So bleeding gums are always telling you to brush more – red means go! When it comes to tooth brushing.

Now your gums may not bleed when you brush because you’re completely missing the gum line with your toothbrush. So get in there by the gum line.

Always a soft bristled toothbrush or even better, a spin brush by the gum line. This can feel weird at first and your gums can bleed more at first, but that will quickly get better when you stick to it – brushing two minutes, by the gum line, twice a da- once in the morning and most important, once again at night before bed.

Your gums will heal and shrink and stop bleeding. Now if bleeding gums don’t go away, you’re missing by the gum line or you need to call us for an appointment so we can check things out. Bleeding gums are not healthy and they don’t look or feel good.

But healthy gums are easy – brush by the gum line!

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